May 14, 2012

DIY Marni for H&M Inspired Collar Necklace

I got inspired by the white collar of Marni for H&M. I made a pattern and stitched the sequins one by one. It was fun for me! But if you think you can't stand to stitch them one by one, you can use a glue or a sequined fabric. By the way, sorry for the poor photo quality, I couldn't grab my camera. So, I used the photos from my instagram feed.

What you'll need:
1- A collar pattern (You can draw a pattern as I did. Or you can find a pattern on web. This one looks good!)
2- Sequins (Use big sequins!-I couldn't find it, so I used mid-size sequins)
3- Needle, thread, scissors
4- Fabric (I used remaining fabric from my DIY Leopard Print White Shorts project.)
5- Fabric Glue (Since I stitched the sequins on the fabric, the backside wasn't clean. So, I made a second layer and glued it to the backside.)
6- Black ribbon

Cut the fabric, stitch the sequins, glue a second layer to the backside, attach the ribbon
And you're done!

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